New Videos for your LAUGHTER

Animals Can Be Jerks

There are some occasions where animals can also be jerks. Check out these funny moments. I assure that you won't be able to hold your laugh.

Flipbook Gangnam Style - Amazing Talent

Psy's Gangnam Style is the most viewed youtube video so far. Just have a look at this flipbook Gangnam style video by etoilec1. See how talanted this amazing artist is.

What Happens when a Snake Bites

Oh my god. Can you ever imagine what would happen when a viper bites? Look what happens to the blood when the snake venom is mixed.

French Bull Dog is Ready For the DJ

See how nice this french bulldog is performing DJ hip hop. DJ MAMA scratching back and forth, question and answer style.

The Most Funniest Prank Ever

I'm sure you can't hold your laugh. This guy is a pro. May be this is the best prank you have ever seen.

Talking Twin Babies

I wonder what these two twin baby boys are talking about. See whether you can understand their language.
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